Course of the Bachelor of Business Administration Program in Modern Trade Business Management

December 17, 2020 (Admin) Study Program

General Education

5100101 Language Thought and Communication

5100102 Thai for Communication

5100103 Thai for Careers

5100105 English for Fun

5100106 English Usage for Social Network

5100107 English for Communication and Learning Development

5100108 English for Communication 1

5100109 English for Communication 2

5100113 Technology and Media Literacy

5100104 Developments of Thai Speaking and Writing Skills

5100110 English Communication Skills Development

5100111 Chinese for Communication

5100112 Melayu for Communication

5100116 Well-being

5100117 Science in Daily Life

5100114 Information Technology for Presentation

5100115 Information Technology in Daily Life

5100118 Mathematics in Daily Life

5100119 Body Exercise

5100120 Sports for the Quality of Life Development

5100121 King’s Philosophy for Local Development

5100122 Introduction of Ethics and Wealth

5100123 Beauty of Life

5100124 Step to the World

5100125 Truth of Life

5100126 Self Development

5100127 Aesthetics for Life

5100128 Life and Thai Culture

5100129 Multiculture and Peace

5100130 Life Skill for Society

5100131 Socialization

5100132 Teachings of King Rama 9

5100133 Thai and Local Ways

5100134 Young Entrepreneurs

5100135 Science for Community

Specific subject areas

3120302 Business Statistics

3123101 Business Taxation

3123302 Business Finance

3124101 Principles of Marketing

3126101 Principles of Business Management

3126202 Operations Management

3126203 Human Resource Management

3129101 Economics for Business

3132101 Software Package and Internet services for Business

3120201 Business Laws

3122101 Accounting 1

3134101 Modern Trade Business Management

3134113 Franchise Business Management

3134102 Leadership and Team in Organization

3134103 Work-based Learning in Modern Trade Business Management 1

3134104 Work-based Learning in Modern Trade Business Management 2

3134205 Work-based Learning in Modern Trade Business Management 3

3134206 Work-based Learning in Modern Trade Business Management 4

3134307 Work-based Learning in Modern Trade Business Management 5

3134216 Product and Service Innovations for Modern Trade Business

3134217 Trading Integration in ASEAN Markets

3134220 Networking and Competitive Advantage Strategy

3134323 Research for Business Development

3134428 Seminar in Modern Trade Business Management

3134308 Work-based Learning in Modern Trade Business Management 6

3134409 Work-based Learning in Modern Trade Business Management 7

3134110 Merchandise Order for Modern Trade Business

3134111 Sales and Service Standards for Modern Trade Business

3134112 Quality Store Management

3134114 Food Product Management

3134115 Goods Management for Modern Trade Business

3134218 Logistics and Supply Chain Management

3134219 Loss Prevention for Modern Trade Business

3134221 Display Design and Store Atmosphere

3134222 Customer Behavior and Customer’s Need Analysis

3134324 Customer Relationship Management and Customer Service

3134325 Integrated Marketing Communication for Modern Trade Business

3134326 Business Application Package for Modern Trade Business

3134327 Information System for Modern Business Management

3134328 Business Plan for Modern Business Management

3134329 Principle and Policy of Investment for Business

3134430 Professional Experience in Modern Trade Business Management


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