September 13, 2022 (Admin) About Us

On 4 August 2022, Lecturer Dr. Nimarunee Hayeewa-ngo, Vice Dean for the Division of Academic Affairs and Student Development, gave the honor of presiding over the ceremony for the activity of Retail Innovation from Collaborative Network Showcase in a Subject Course of Creating Networks and Strategies of Competitive Advantages, for the 1st Year students Group A, Modern Trade Business Management Program at Room 23-301. Lecturer Benyada Laotanathaworn managed this activity to let the students bring their innovative ideas for the retail business to develop the community retailing shops. Moreover, the participants wore traditional costumes to maintain the local arts and cultures. The committees of the project consisted of: 

1. Lecturer Amornthep Maneeniam;  

2. Lecturer Dr. Suppamas Rattanapipat; 

3. Lecturer Abbas Paleekhet; and 

4. Lecturer Wasanthanawin Harinpaponwich. All lecturers were the co-committees and gave suggestions to the students for extending their innovation to be developed further.