B.A. in Business Administration

February 2, 2018 (Admin) Study Program
1.  name of the degree 
Full name : Bachelor of Business Administration  in Management
Abbreviation : BBA (Management)
2.   Major  
Bachelor of business administration in management teaching and management graduates as those with leadership, knowledge, professional skills, ethics and integrity with self responsibility, Professions and society as well as to operate effectively and the acceptance of these general business organization. Today's world of competition in globalization is developing rapidly. As a result of the expansion of the economy, both domestic and foreign. Which affect operations in the organization. Make those organizations need to find modern management practices. Which allow for flexibility in the Administration, helping reduce production costs. Increase the quantity and quality of production and services 
Board of management Bachelor of business administration in management knows the importance and necessity of the above mentioned. Developed the modern curriculum, consistent with the changing environment. To prepare the graduate to enter the job market in the future.
3. Form of curriculum
3.1  Form 
Undergraduate  Degree 4 Years
3.2  Language Used
Thai language
3.3  Admissions
  Thai Students   who are  proficient  in Thai
3.4   Co-operating institutions
3.5  Degree for graduate
Bachelor of Business Administration degree
4.  Program starts
Semester 1 academic Year 2017
5.  Total credits
129 Credits
6. Career After graduation
Bachelor of business administration in management focus on graduates to professionals. However graduates can work in all Government and private sector. In a position related to management.

Today (14 Feb. 61) at 16.00-19.00 PM Business administrator program in general , Faculty of Management Sciences organize the skill development activities to the creative professional entrepreneurs (Startup Creative) under the desirable feature of graduate development program, using the year as a base. "Creating a product concept-Valentine" at courtyard of living room  restaurant by providing activities students will create and self-experimental selling.