B.A. in Business Economics

February 2, 2018 (Admin) Study Program

1.Name of the Degree
Full name : Bachelor of Business Administration Program in Business Economics
Abbreviation : B.BA.(Business Economics)

The bachelor of business administration in business economics program is designed to create graduates who knowledgeable in economic and business administration. Graduated will have knowledge in economy or specified marketplace. Business economics  integrates economic principles and strategies into standard business such as business organization, management, expansion and strategy. Studies include how and why corporations expand, the impact of entrepreneurs, the interactions between corporations, and the role of governments in regulation. It includes issues of how other economic external factors can influence business decisions, such as a change in industry regulation or a sudden price shift in a necessary production materials.

3.Form of curriculum
3.1 Form
Undergraduate degree 4 years (Thai program)
3.2 Language used
Thai language
3.3 Admissions
-Graduated from all program in high school or similar
- Lowest grade point average (GPA) is 2.50
3.4 Co-operating Institutions
Faculty of Management science, Yala Rajabhat University
Cooperative education at real business institution (Student can choose by themselves)
3.5 Degree for the graduate
Provide only one degree

4.Program start
Semester 1 Academic year 2013

5.Total Credits
129 credits ( include co-operative education in last semester)

6.Careers after graduation
2.Policy maker and policy analyst
4.Project organizer
6.Security analyst
7.Business owner


Students are leaning by practical training in technology for education ; google classroom. This course will make student use technology for communicate with teacher real time easily. Teacher can send more knowledge media through google classroom to increase efficiency leaning. Students and teacher are doing outside the classroom activity in cultural festival. They are making Sumbusa (sountern food) for attendance people. Students can apply theory and real sector about cost and price for future working