B.A. in Business Computer

February 2, 2018 (Admin) Study Program

Course Name :
Bachelor of Business Administration Program in Business Computer

Title of Degree And majors :
Bachelor of Business Administration (Business Computer). 
B.B.A. (Business Computer)

Course specific information
1. Philosophy, emphasis and course objectives
1.1 Philosophy of course
|Produce graduates to society with value. Have knowledge of the moral. Be leader. Excellence in academic. Knowledge integration. Social Development for Sustainable Development.
1.2 Importance of the course
Bachelor of Business Administration Business Computer Focus on theoretical knowledge. And practice The graduates have the following characteristics:
     1.2.1 Morality, ethicality, Public Mind, humble And a good citizen. Self-responsibility professional and social To support the society. Consistent with the policy of Yala Rajabhat University.
     1.2.2 Basic knowledge in computer technology related to the theory and practice is good. Can be applied appropriately in professional practice. Focus on local development. Arts & Culture And higher education.
     1.2.3 Knowledgeable and capable of developing knowledge for self improvement. Work improvement and develop local, social and national.
     1.2.4 Think, Pretending And choose a solution that is systematic and appropriate.
     1.2.5 Can work with others. Has management skills and teamwork.
     1.2.6 Learn to seek self knowledge and communicate effectively with others.
     1.2.7 Ability to use Thai and foreign languages to communicate and use technology well.
     1.2.8 Computer skills. Can solve the problem of the organization or individual effectively and in accordance with the working environment.
     1.2.9 Can be analyzed inside and outside the organization. The results of the analysis can be used efficiently and in accordance with the working environment.

1.3 Course Objectives
Bachelor of Business Administration Business Computer. The objective is to produce 4 graduates with the following qualifications:
      1.3.1 To produce graduates in business administration. Computer Business courses. Knowledge and ability to integrate computer with business management. It can be used in the private sector, government and state enterprises. And international Effectively and effectively.
      1.3.2 To produce graduates with good attitude, morality, ethics and professional ethics. To perform the task properly.
      1.3.3 To produce graduates who meet the needs of the labor market. And consistent with the National Economic and Social Development Plan.
      1.3.4 To enhance the concept of a broad-based visionary. Be creative. Seek knowledge And they are ready to study at a higher level.

Career after graduation

  • Systems  analysts and computer design in business.
  • Graphics Design or Multimedia in Business
  • Web Designers and Developers
  • Computer Technical
  • Network and Database Administrator
  • Project Manager
  • Computer Consultant
  • Computer system auditor
  • Personal Business in Computer
  • Other Related : Administrative Officer Both public and private.