Philosophy and vision

March 5, 2024 (Admin) About Us

Learning for Wisdom, Enhancing Value through Creation,

An organization of innovative construction to produce the graduates and develop the locality of southern borders to internationalism

Student identity-----
1. Good personality, Discipline, Volunteer, Tolerance and Excellent Practice.
2. Develop a quality assurance and information technology
3. Develop students according to the characteristics of the desired graduates.
4. Create research, innovation and technology transfer. Knowledge to the community.
5. Academic services to the society and the preservation of arts and culture.

Shared Values  : Pride in the organization-----
P            --->          Proactive
R            --->          Result Oriented
O            --->         Ownership
U            --->          Unity
D            --->          Delight Communication               

1. To organize the effective education based on its system;
2. To develop the organization, build the quality assurance system and information technology;
3. To develop the students according to the characteristics of desired graduates;
4. To create the research and innovation, and transfer the technology and knowledge bases to the community; and
5. To provide the academic services to the society, and maintain the arts and cultures.