TCAS Calendar

July 19, 2018 (Admin) Course

The Thai University Central Admission System (TCAS) is set to replace the current central university admission system (CUAS). The new system has been designed to prevent students from applying to various institutes and reserving places, which they previously often failed to take up. The new set-up prescribes five rounds of recruitment. Applicants who have already got a seat from a previous round will not be allowed a seat in a further round. 

The first round is based on students’ portfolios.

The second features a quota system with applicants required to submit scores from the Ordinary National Education Test (Onet), the General Aptitude Test (Gat), the Professional Aptitude Test (Pat) and probably other tests that universities deem appropriate. 

The third round involves a direct admission system shared by partner institutes, while the fourth round features a scores-based joint |admission system, and the fifth round is a direct admission system offered by institutes that still have seats left.